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ini blog saya ..: May 2012
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Monday, 28 May 2012


my new life begin here .. in Sarawak ..due to the date of 27th may 2012, I was officially registered as the student of UNIMAS ..I gonna grow up my youth's life in here , no know what gonna happen in the future , but I'm gonna loose it up at the atmosphere .. first step in here , all I just can say is 'WOW' ..the beautifulness ,awesomeness .flawless and etc etc ..no know how to describe the beautiful views in UNIMAS ,the familiarity of the collegers and the intimay of all the senior ,. I try to be matched and in love with this place and condition , Insyaallah ..

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Friday, 11 May 2012

friendship never ends

seriously ,I'll miss the friendship that we being up for two years beb :)
all the momentship between us was the sweetest moments in my life ..
never felt to broke this relationship ..
when I'm away ..I'll miss us ,all of you ..
u're the best friends that I ever had ..
lapo1,3,4,5,6,7,8 ...
geng lapo for ever yeah !!!
they made my life cheersfullness with their silly jokes ..
maybe this will be the last day of our meet ..
don't forget my cute face beb 
we will be 4 years apart ..bring our own course ..
make sure u take care of your self and never forget this friendship ..
love u afiqah ,atikah ,tirek ,nady ,ewa ,azwa and awein :)

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

again,I'm away

hari ini perasaan atie sedih sangat sebab atie terpaksa pergi sekali lagi meninggalkan rumah & orang-II yang atie sayang
atie dapat tawaran masuk universiti malaysia sarawak
jauh memang jauh tapi atie mesti pergi untuk capai cita-II atie
memang berat sgt hati ni nak pegi tp atie mesti buat semua
Ya Allah kuatkan hatiku ...
berilah ketenangan kpd ku disana
Amin ..
atie akan selalu rindu dekat mak,ayah,adik-II & taufiq ..
taufiq ,soryy sayang ..
atie akan selalu rindu taufiq and igt dekat taufiq
maybe ada hikmah dlm hubungan kita if kita berjauhan
we will be thousand kilometers away from each other
mungkin bila kita berjauhan ,kita akan lebih menghargai satu sama lain ..
kita takkan selalu gaduh ..and perasaan sayang kita akan bertambah ..
ini dugaan dalam hubungan kita ,mwehehehe ..
Ps: ayat tak boleh belah tp itu lah yang berada dalam hati sekarang ni ..

I'll miss all the moments that being up for years at muar -.-

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

they made my works flawless

they are the employees of the RM1's shop :)

my sweetest elders ...

when I'm lepak with kak ina ,I'll not cease in talking 

I did not race ,peace Malaysia !!

along this two weeks ,I worked at the RM1's shop ..have a problem with that ?
I never be fuss in works ..as long it's halal and I'm happy with the works ..
although ,it was too flash I'm being there ,but I learn and understand the modes of humans ..
kak ju ,kak ina ,kak punitt ,thanks a lot for the sweetest moments among us ..
cheering loudly ,playing with the snake statue and maked jokes on others was the craziesst things I had ever done ..sampai kena marah dgn makcik gila ,,haha -.-

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