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ini blog saya ..: they made my works flawless
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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

they made my works flawless

they are the employees of the RM1's shop :)

my sweetest elders ...

when I'm lepak with kak ina ,I'll not cease in talking 

I did not race ,peace Malaysia !!

along this two weeks ,I worked at the RM1's shop ..have a problem with that ?
I never be fuss in works ..as long it's halal and I'm happy with the works ..
although ,it was too flash I'm being there ,but I learn and understand the modes of humans ..
kak ju ,kak ina ,kak punitt ,thanks a lot for the sweetest moments among us ..
cheering loudly ,playing with the snake statue and maked jokes on others was the craziesst things I had ever done ..sampai kena marah dgn makcik gila ,,haha -.-

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.Komen lah kat sini kalau sudi.
.hehe :).