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Monday, 30 April 2012


assalamualaikum ..
as u all see above ..I'm failed 
does not fit to attend the interview at all ..absolutely I'm in mournful,forlorn,wistful etc ..
but I really had to be as solid as the iron coated with magnesium ..never rust at all even the presend of air and water ..
It means I really had to accept this as my journey of life ..I am fully achived the teenagers world ..
as the saying goes ..trouble before ,have fun later ..there must be a wisdom in each things ..
I convinced that He must set the best for me ..I know He love me ..I certain that He had determined my successfull ..Insya Allah ..

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  1. tak apa.....tokey doakan dapat tempat belajar yang elok lepas ni... ada hikmah nya tu... jangan risau lah ya


.Komen lah kat sini kalau sudi.
.hehe :).