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Thursday, 5 April 2012

rasa hati

Atie was totally lost her cheerfulness today ..thinking about her relationship that almost wreck ..always in his mind ,atie will dump him ..tears flow fastly down atie's cheek ..a bucket was not enough to catch atie's tears ..when this misunderstanding will end ?? atie had enough of this ..always hurt ..despite that ,his ego was too high for atie to demolish it ..

atie know that he probably had feelings toward e**h ..is he sympathized with atie so he continue this hopeless relationship ?atie always care with his heart ,but is he the same ?absolutely not ..atie never waste her tears for a man before this ..but ,he manage to make atie in melancholic ..atie really love him ..atie enticed with his promises a year ago ..atie have been waiting a year and something for him to change ..atie slowly lost the will to defend this ..finally ,atie give up ..fed up of all this thing ..miserable ..atie don't want to lose him ..not willing at all ..atie need his shoulders to cry ..atie need him to stay thanks ..atie need him to share atie's complexity in life ..atie want him to be atie's partner through thick and thin ..

atie is sellfish ,stubborn,atie known that ..in a nut shell ,atie and him was guilty ..he is ego, atie is sellfish and had strong jealousy ..all this was just atie's feelings ..atie was the one that always think out of the box ..atie oftenly suspicion to him and hardly to trust him ..maybe because atie been hurt many times before ..atie had hurt herself by hurting him ..atie was too young ,not yet reach the 18 ..atie was still blind to understand the meaning of true love like others adolescent ..

LIKE kalau SUKE :)


  1. Chill lah awek. Dugaan time bercinton mmg begitu awuhhh awuhhhhhh. Gua nak boypweng tapi sampai skang tak ada yg pandang. Tsktsk *nangis

  2. itulah hakikat kalau hati dah suke , bukan main lagi dugaan nye .. kena kuat dik ..
    nie baru sikit ;)


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