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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

i'm away

i'm packing my bag ..i folded my clothes and put them in my bag ..i felt awkward ,i never had to pack my clothes and live far away from mom and dad before..i'm full of anguish now ,i never aspect that i will leave this comfortable home and face something new that i have never experienced ..my life in PLKN the past three weeks before this chinese new year's holiday was totally different than at home ..but ,i'm try to face it and make it easy and fit with me ..insya allah ..

despite its truly hard for me to leave all person that i love for 2months ,i must accept it as part and parcel of life that i have to experienced as a youth with vision BERKHIDMAT UTK NEGARA  ..

taufiq ,if u know how much i miss u right now, u are most worth .i hold every single of ur words that rose up yesterday ..i will fully dispute it ..love like a love song ,baby :)

our last meet ..jumpe lg next 2 months syg ,mak ,ayh ,ayu ,angah ,kak uda ,my best cousin (wana ,fatimah ,iwan )..oh ye ,iwan don't u ever forget about ur promise ,take a walk at one segamat .watching the cinema ..mom ,please visit me there .can you make it on any sunday (hari lawatan keluarga) ? ur arrival is most welcome ..and don't forget to bring along all the delicious food and my sweet heart ,taufiq .haha :D

maybe this will be the last update from me ..kinda 2 months from now !! good bye bloggers ..surely i will miss my blog syg ..

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