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Saturday, 24 March 2012

i hurt him ...

forgive me dear ..
I was not intentional and does not intend at all to make you sad .. it's just misunderstanding ..I'm telling you right ..between me and him(someone of the PLKN trainer) ,there was nothing going on among both of is ..trust me ..I appeal to the whole heart that you forgive me ..in my heart just have you sygg ..in the shadow of you i have only one ..every time i think about you ,about your heart and feelings ..i will not ever destroy this relationship we made together two years ago ..although there are thousands of star in the sky ,i still choose you ..
although i am given the choice between life and death ,i still choose you ..
and i did not purpose to mocking at you dear ..i know that i'm gonna too much ..i've hurt myself by hurting you aby ...

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